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4G 28-CAW-311 Two Egyptian Chariots

4G 28-CAW-311 Two Egyptian Chariots

2 28mm Egyptian chariots

Thought to have been brought to Egypt by the Hyksos who would become Pharaohs, this Chariot was used from the 15th-16th Dynasty onwards (1684 BCE onwards).  These chariots were a refinement of the earlier Asiatic chariots, they were made much lighter and much more manoeuvrable with the positioning of the axle at the very back.  Though lighter, by use of well designed additional metal bracing to the shaft and metal sleeving to the axle, these were much more robust and durable than the Asiatic chariots they superceded.

The chariot’s main frame was made of wood which was steam bent into the required shape, once bent it was then left to cool and dry in its new form.  This chariot was made of various woods, some of which had to be imported, making the chariot a costly item reserved for the rich.  They are thought to have cost 8 deben of silver which was a small fortune and chariots were not only listed as part of the spoils of war, often also received as tribute from the subjugated.

In battle the charioteer was accompanied by a noble warrior who once close enough would shoot volleys of arrows at the enemy, when the enemy ranks broke the charioteers would chase them down for the warrior to finish them off with spears.

The Egyptians used chariots in massed formations, causing fear in given parts of the enemy’s ranks but also probably to greatly increase the effect of ranged shooting from such mobile platforms, this though was often to great effect as the majority of their opponents were generally poorly armoured.

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