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4G 28S-DAR-S4 Norse Storehouses Collection

4G 28S-DAR-S4 Norse Storehouses Collection

This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 4

Many Norse were ‘Vikingr’ (roving and marauding adventures) but others were ‘Kaupamadr’ (buyers and sellers of merchandise) who were the masters of trading goods across their known world. Their ‘Hafn’ (harbour/port trading towns) grew up all around the coastline of North Western Europe.  It was in these Harbour towns with their bustling streets and markets that goods from all corners of their trading routes were gathered and stored in ‘A’ framed buildings much like these two.  

A prosperous ‘Kaupamadr’ (buyer and seller) might need many such storehouses close to his merchant house/shop.  The wooden track-way streets of a ‘Hafn’, especially the lesser side streets, could have buildings like these close by to give owners easy access to their stored goods from the track. 

Even ‘Vikingr’ sea captains needed storehouses in friendly harbour towns; often to store one of their best commodities…  newly acquired ‘Anaud Thrall’ (enslaved captives).  ‘Anaud’ usually had to be housed, sometimes for days before the next slave auctions, where they were either sold on to new owners or ‘Kaupamdr’ would buy them and sell them on again, possibly after they have been taught a skill or service that could make them more valuable after training.

28mm Scale models supplied unassembled.

Miniatures not included.

Colour of thatch may vary.


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