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4G 28S-WAW-S7 Ruined Hamlet Collection

4G 28S-WAW-S7 Ruined Hamlet Collection

28S-WAW-SET7 this is a 28Standard 4Ground model with high detail and pre-painted parts.

Hamlets in World War 2 were often the sites of heavy fighting by small units as each one could be used as a miniature fortification against attacking forces. This could often lead to artillery being called in to clear the area resulting in a shattered Hamlet in which any remaining defenders would have to be scoured from. This set includes enough Corner Ruin sets to make a ruined hamlet of 3 or more houses.

These sorts of building are not just suitable for WWII. Buildings like this became more and more common from the 1700’s onwards, making 4Ground’s World At War range very versatile terrain.

28mm Scale models supplied unassembled.

Miniatures not included.

This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 4

1x 28S-WAW-110

x 28S-WAW-111

1x 28S-WAW-112


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