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4G 28S-HLA-S1 Twin Peaks Shopping Mall Collection

4G 28S-HLA-S1 Twin Peaks Shopping Mall Collection

Within the Georgian Badlands (spreading all the way to north Kentucky) lies the town of Twin Peaks (formerly in Tennessee pre-outbreak), this town has been abandoned for years ever since the release of the Alpha-Omega virus.

Early in the outbreak a group of survivors made their way to the Mall, they held out there for several days, until something went wrong.  The account of Robbie Walker states that on the 12th day of their stay at the mall something went wrong, he wasn’t sure if one of the other residents opened up one of the doors for some reason or one of the infected had made its way through one of their barricades.  Either way within a short period of time the mall became over run, Robbie first became aware of the issue when he heard the moans reverberating down the concourse.  Stepping out into the concourse he saw one of his compatriots (ex State Trooper Peter Douphres) pulled down by the horde of the infected.  He ran quickly to the East entrance and made his escape on Motorbike.

Many Malls across America were used in a similar way to the Twin Peaks Mall, they were also heavily raided by survivors and holdouts.  Now many years on despite the efforts of nations the like of the Carolinian Coalition and The Pennsylvanian Federation the Georgian Badlands is still sparsely inhabited by humans and heavily populated with ghouls.

This kit contains 6 shops, the furniture to make a Coffee Shop, Clothes Shop,  Gun Shop, Tool Shop, Sporting Goods Shop and Pharmacy as well as two entrances and 2 sections of floor and roof.  This kit is a great start to any Mall, whether you are fighting terrorists or the walking dead.

Dimensions: 438mm x 780mm.

This product is pre-painted and miniatures are shown for scale purposes only.


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