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Fairy Cavalry: Squirrel Riders (3)

Fairy Cavalry: Squirrel Riders (3)

Brand: Bad Squiddo Games
Scale: 28mm
Material: Metal
Sculptor: Phil Hynes

Fairies can only travel so far before their teeny wings get achey, so that’s why they need to enlist extra cute critters to help them on those long marches. The cuteness directly correlates to the speed of the animal, that’s just how it is.

See the side gallery for scale next to a 28mm figure. Minis between 21-23mm from top of fairy head to base.

Supplied unpainted.

Cast in high quality white metal, 3 single piece miniatures. Shown painted by John Morris.

These figures were originally part of the Bear’s Head Miniatures range and were purchased by Bad Squiddo in 2022.


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