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Barbarian Scouts

Barbarian Scouts

Hope Eternal.
The term ‘barbarian’ generally refers to low-tech mercenary companies employed by the pirate fleets to keep guard or keep order on lightly populated planets. Since these fighters are recruited from low-tech societies, and only given access to low-tech weaponry, the pirates treat them as completely expendable and feel confident that they can always wipe them out if they become a problem. In many ways, small settlements view these barbarians as even worse than pirates. At least the pirates take what they want and leave; the barbarians hang around constantly preying on everyone else.

Most barbarian companies employ scouts to range ahead of their main force to warn of any impending danger or to alert them to the possibility of loot. These barbarians are often equipped with a heavy thrown weapon, such a rock-bolo, whose crushing power can easily break bones even through armour.

Special Stargrave: Hope Eternal offer. To make 5 Barbarian scouts for Hope Eternal, we’ve put together this set. It includes one plastic frame of Frostgrave Barbarians and five sets of metal Bolas to convert the figures into scouts.

Figures are 28mm sized, and require assembling with glue.


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