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FG FH Deal 1 Collectors Deal

FG FH Deal 1 Collectors Deal

DEALS END 8TH SEPTEMBER 8 Items ship Mid to Late September 2022 This collectors deal gets you the new supplement Frostgrave: Fireheart andall the new figures to go with it. Includes: Frostgrave: Fireheart rule book. Plastic Figures: Frostgrave Barbarians II. Metal Figures: Construct Familiars Candle-Jacks Large Candle-Jack Blade-Dog & Construct Hound Gnawbeetle Swarms Gnawgrub Swarms Rat Swarm Large Construct II Glass Man & Medium Construct Construct of Burden Tinkerer & Scrounger Enchanter & Apprentice II Necromancer & Apprentice II All miniatures are 28mm sized and supplied unpainted.


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