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4G 28S-SLD-FCR-142 Frozen City Ruins – Library/Storeroom

4G 28S-SLD-FCR-142 Frozen City Ruins – Library/Storeroom

Product designed by Supreme Littleness Designs, Produced by 4Ground Publishing.

These kits are supplied with 4GRP – Render Powder

Dimensions: Length 140mm x Width 140mm x Height 70mm

Miniatures Not Included.

This Frozen City ruin can be used as standalone model but it is also part of a range of modular scenery. The ruins are designed with square floor tiles that are uniform across ground floors, upper floors, and even steps and stairs! The walls, too, have regular heights and some are designed to stack on top of one another, meaning that you can build your Frozen City setups up as well as across your tabletop! The model includes a 5 by 5 floor tile base. The sturdy single-storey walls are sized to act as a support for another model. A floor from an Irregular Floors pack is also a useful companion to this model.

The Frozen City Ruins range is designed for a frozen world setting of ruined buildings. Stone shelves are included as part of this model but a wooden door model is not. This is because most things made of wood are imagined to have disintegrated long before. However, door add-ons in the form of door spell markers are available for games that require them.

Supplied painted and unassembled.


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