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4G 28S-FKH-104 Gorazin’s Brewery

4G 28S-FKH-104 Gorazin’s Brewery

28S-FKH-104 is a ‘28S’ 4Ground model kit, ‘28S’ means this kit is highly detailed inside and outside with many pre-painted parts.

In the Kotliff (Village) Dun Aft Goldlaf is one of the more renowned Dreozende (Dwarven Folk) Medryza (Breweries), set up by Gorazin Kraggfinde over 700 years ago this Medryza is known throughout the Karag-Rike (the kingdom of Karag) and further into the Tueden League.

The story goes that Gorazin made his most famous brew after a fight with Slevig the great land drake of Firgen Mountain, Gorazin adventured to the mountain with a troop of Dreozende Kempa, after a battle lasting a full day Slevig lay dead as did almost all of the Kempa.  As part of their celebration Gorazin mixed Slevig’s blood with his home made beer and so Draca Braktha was born.  Now Gorazin’s Medryza finds it hard to get dragons blood but his descendants use a substitute in most of the brews.  Occasionally however they get hold of some dragon blood and they release Draca Braktha Frumgifu or as it is known among the humans Dragon Heart Original.

Like most Dreoz Medryza the whole brewing process is on site with the majority of the brewing equipment on the second floor, to keep it out of the way of drunken patrons, with a bar downstairs.  The most important thing that Gorazin’s Medryza has to procure is the Goldlaf (Wheat) which is considered a very high value product, especially wheat from White Wynn Fell prized for its qualities in both brewing and bread making.  Where Gorazin’s Medryza is placed perfectly is that Dun Aft Goldlaf has a crop of imported White Wynn Fell grain and as such can make the finest of ales.

Supplied painted and unassembled.

Miniatures shown for scale purposes only.


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