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4G 28S-HLA-112 Emma’s Diner

4G 28S-HLA-112 Emma’s Diner

28S-HLA-112 this is a “28Standard” 4Ground model with high detail and pre-painted parts.

Emma survived the outbreak of african-flu and like a lot of other people in Twin Peaks thought that after the plague, the civil unrest and the violence it couldn’t have gotten any worse.

Then the first of the Ghouls broke through the  door of her diner.  At first she was shocked, that is until it sunk its teeth into her first customer…

This style of diner came about in the 1940’s after the phasing out of the earlier Sterling Streamliner Diner.  This roadside diner is made of prefabricated materials and would be at home anywhere in America.

This kit includes the diner as well as all of the internal furnishings.

Product Dimensions: 280mm x 170mm x 135mm


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