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4G LCLM-GNS-103 German Navy – Tirpitz (Battleship)

4G LCLM-GNS-103 German Navy – Tirpitz (Battleship)

This is the line of MDF ships for the miniature naval game “Admiral”. All models are carefully designed to
represent as best as possible the real units involved in the war and no source has been forgotten to
guarantee an historically coherent shape for all the units, from the powerful battleships to the little destroyers.

All ships are in 1:1850 Scale

Tirpitz (Battle Ship): This model represents the German battle ship Tirpitz, a variant of Bismarck

This kit contains one Tirpitz Battleship:

Length 135mm x Width 22mm x Height 19mm

This kit is provided un-painted and will require assembly.


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