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4G 28S-LCA-DL-113 Ground-to-Air Repeaters (Blue)

4G 28S-LCA-DL-113 Ground-to-Air Repeaters (Blue)

Miniatures Not Included.

This kit includes x2 individual Ground-to-Air Repeaters.

The Ground-to-Air Repeaters are Blued Steel with Copper barrels and highlights.

These Repeaters can be fitted onto the top of other kits in the Defence Lines range such as:

– 28S-LCA-DL-103 Defensive Bunker

– 28S-LCA-DL-104 Defence Lines Gate House

– 28S-LCA-DL-S1 Defence Base Collection

– 28S-LCA-DL-109/110 Gun Platforms

Supplied painted and unasembled.


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