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4G 32S-VT-120 Administratum Ruins (U-Shape)

4G 32S-VT-120 Administratum Ruins (U-Shape)

Product designed by Caprivid, produced by 4Ground Publishing.

This kit has been designed with immersion and competitive play in mind as part of the
Vanguard Tactics Signature Terrain Series where you will find quality terrain to up your
game with!

This is a U-Shaped Ruin and has optional placement of windows which allows you to be able
to create a complete line-of-sight blocking terrain piece or you can place windows instead to provide
more firing points for your units inside. This kit also has additional pieces and customisation options
for decorating your terrain and to make each ruin unique!

U-Shape Ruin: Length 140mm, Width 200mm, Height 230mm
Base: Length 180mm, Width 240mm

These dimensions provide plenty area for units to hide within and gain cover. There is 105mm
between floors (4 Inches) to allow units to easily move between floors. This ruin has 2 floors, Ground
floor and 1st floor above.

Miniatures are for scale purposes only and are not included.


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