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4G 28F-GOC-203 Grant House

4G 28F-GOC-203 Grant House

28F-GOC-203 this is a “28Facade” 4Ground model with high external detail and pre-painted parts.

The Grant District of Gothic City is one of the more affluent areas of the city with many of the most powerful and wealthy residents residing there.  One of the residents of the district Samuel Bjornson has taken a visible stand against corruption within the police force and crime in general as part of his promises in his election campaign.  Although some have criticised his relation to the Monacressi family, through his wife the daughter of Marco Monacressi head of the Monacressi family, as there link to organised crime is well known even if it is not really talked about.

Grant House is a fine building built recently to fit in with Gothic City’s historic architecture, it was a present to Samuel Bjornson from his father in law to be the base of operations for his upcoming election campaign and Marco Mancressi is a frequent visitor.

This is one of the facade range from 4Ground.  These buildings come with highly detailed pre-painted external parts and have a large amount of verticality allowing you to use them for major line of sight blocking terrain or for games where the outside of the building matters more than the interior rooms.

This building is approximately 290mm x 170mm x 295mm.


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