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4G 28S-JES-A13 Industrial Lift

4G 28S-JES-A13 Industrial Lift

28S-JES-A13 this is a “28Standard” 4Ground kit with high detail and pre-painted parts.

This kit contains:

One lift
Includes 2 magnets

The megatropolis of Olympus has been carefully sculpted by the megacorporations over the centuries to be a heavy manufacturing centre for their interests in the solar system. As the terraforming of Mars finished, people and materials were shipped over from Earth to begin constructing the first colony buildings and the infrastructure to maintain them. These early industrial sites would grow exponentially to become the powerhouses of industry that they are today.

Reaching the higher levels of the Industrial Wards requires many forms of access, the more advanced areas having personnel lifts. These allow quick access to each floor of a structure as long as the owning company has been paying their maintenance bills.

Connects Jessarai Industrial kits across multiple levels using magnets.

Dimensions: 73mm x 47mm x 136mm


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