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4G 28S-UMS-S3 Urbes Mortis Ruined Cityscape

4G 28S-UMS-S3 Urbes Mortis Ruined Cityscape

Urbes Mortis ruins can be built in multiple different configurations. The base has markers for the walls and pillars, so that the same kit can be built to look different to the next, and can even connect up to another for larger complexes. Sections of the floor can be detached to change the footprint of the buildings and there’s several areas where extra damage can be applied.

The kits come with optional stained glass windows and rubble for scattering around.

Enough to cover a 6×4 table, this set contains:
28S-UMS-101 x4
28S-UMS-102 x4
28S-UMS-103 x4

Miniatures are for scale purposes and are not included.

Dimensions: 720mm x 640mm x 118mm


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