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ARC DNL0049 Wooden Cottage

ARC DNL0049 Wooden Cottage

Home, sweet home.

Make yourself at home in this cozy, humble cottage. It’s time to light up the fireplace and prepare the pot for a homely meal. Living in a small house outside the city, far away from all that urban hustle, brings so much peace to mind and soul. Unless you walk into a witch’s hut… then you can expect anything.

 Built-in grid – Compatible with every RPG system

– Modular – Build your terrain in a flash

– High-quality sculpts – Indistinguishable from natural wood

– Double-sided walls- Looks amazing on the inside and outside.

 3x long floor tiles
– 3x regular floor tiles
– 3x doorways
– 3x long double-sided walls
– 6x regular double-sided walls
– 3xrr trims
– various clips and pins


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