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Giant Bunnies

Giant Bunnies

Brand: Bad Squiddo Games
Scale: 28mm
Material: Metal
Sculptor: Jo Brumby

Giant Bunnies! These are actually scaled to 28mm and based on those giant house bunnies such as the French lop and Flemish Giant. You could of course use them as smaller bunnies in larger scales games and dioramas, or HUGE GODZILLA SIZE BUNNIES in smaller.

We do standard lil bunnies too, the scale between the two is shown in the gallery also next to a 28mm mini. The tallest bunny is 23mm from head to base.

These 3 individual sculpts are by “King of the Animals” Jo Brumby, and they have turned out marvellously! Shown painted here by Andrew Taylor

They are cast in metal and PROVIDED UNPAINTED.


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