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Black Agnes

Black Agnes

Agnes Randolph

As the wife of The 9th Earl of Dunbar and March, Patrick Randolph, in early 1338 she came into the common situation of being left in charge of the castle while her husband was away. The English forces, led by the 1st Earl of Salisbury took this as an opportunity to siege the castle. What a great chance hey, while the man of the house was away, it must be a doddle!

See how we’ve sculpted Agnes laughing… well you can tell how well that ended for the English!

Read the rest of Annie’s write up, as well as design notes here.

For more information on the Community Miniatures Project, and how to get involved with suggesting and designing future figures, please click here.

The pack consists of one single piece miniature, cast in high quality pewter. 28mm scale, supplied unpainted.

Sculpted by Alan Marsh, shown painted by Andrew Taylor.


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