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Jeanne de Clisson – The Lioness of Brittany Mounted

Jeanne de Clisson – The Lioness of Brittany Mounted

Behold, the excellence of Kev White! We wanted Kev to sculpt us a miniature that was 100% historical, but would also work as a bad ass warrior in fantasy settings too – so thank you 100 Years War and your coolness!

Jeanne was around in the 14th century, a Bretton noblewoman, when her husband Olivier III de Clisson was executed for suspected treason. Upon this news, she began a life of treason herself, eventually selling their possessions to create “The Black Fleet” which she would use to attack the French in revenge. Many tales were told of her and her fleet, many true, some no doubt exaggerated to create pure horror!

At her attack on Touffou, the castle owned by one of the men responsible for Olivier’s death, her and her troops killed everyone except one person who was to tell others what had happened there.

You should read more on her, for she is fascinating! And didn’t die horribly – hooray!

Cast in multi part top quality resin, and 28mm scale, she comes unpainted. Shown painted by John Morris.

Sculpted by Kev White


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