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Baggy the Bag (The Ice Queen)

Baggy the Bag (The Ice Queen)

He is roughly 35mm tall. Made out of high quality resin in one single peice.

So now the boring bits are out of the way…. what’s going on?! What is this?! Well this is Baggy, official Bad Squiddo mascot, but kinda the boss, kinda the tea maker too. Boundaries are blurry here. He yells at me, but I pay him, I guess he’s the manager.

Anyway, this model in particular…

Baggy always felt his talents stretched beyond his day to day duties. As he mopped the toilets, he longed of the bright lights, the cabaret, the applauding fans!

After Annie had locked up from work, he started sneaking out from his cage and sewing. He’d turn up to the theatre and sit in the audience, struck with awe and admiration. He wanted to be that performer! He longed for the day he would have the roses thrown at HIM!

At one of these shows, he was at the urinals singing to himself, and the cubicle door opened. A man in a sharp looking suit appeared, and threw a contract at him. They had to get another contract printed as it landed on the floor which wasn’t too pleasant, but anyway…

The road to stardom is long, and full of spiders. He still mops the floors and makes the tea at Bad Squiddo towers, but in the evenings, oh the evenings…


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