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BSG CAF001 David the Cat Cleric

BSG CAF001 David the Cat Cleric

Say hello to David! isn’t he SO ADOR – I mean, erm, a mighty strong fearless warrior. Very intimidating. and look at his lil ears and tummy!

His hand is open so you can easily swap his weapon out for another, but he is a real threat on the battlefield swinging his mighty hammer around when he really gets going.

The more people buy David, the more likely we are to sideline into a small range of cool anthro chums, so do it!

The pack consists of one miniature, cast in high quality resin, sculpted by Leandro Ventic.

28mm scale,in three parts – body, weapon and shield.

Supplied unpainted.

He is approx 26mm to the eyes. Shown painted by Pandaemonium Miniatures


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