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Hyacinth – Ogre Oracle with Ogre Child

Hyacinth – Ogre Oracle with Ogre Child

The range of female ogres produced here at Bad Squiddo Games are a quest to introduce…well.. more female ogres,but also to give them a bit more depth and dignity than they usually get.

Hyacinth is exceedingly wise. She has the ability of foresight, and holds a very respectable position as the oracle.

The ogre child comes as a separate part and they can either be based together, or seperate. In the picture I have assembled them so they are on separate bases but link up, so there is a choice.

These are sculpted by Phil Hynes and cast in high quality resin. The scale is 28mm, but being ogres, they are much bigger!

Hyacinth measures 55mm to the eyes, 60mm to the top of the head.

The Ogre Child measures 33mm to the eyes, 40mm to the top of the head.


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