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Kit, Gmork & Skin

Kit, Gmork & Skin

Kit (Auto Grenade Launcher): “This too will pass. No mortal can kill Gaia, she is merely repairing and preparing herself for the next chapter. The Brutal reprisal. And I will be there as her knight.”

Gmork (Assault Rifle): “The spirits call me, they dart in and out of my skin, they guide me. I can’t explain it, I just need you to follow.”

Skin (Autopistol & Swords): “Screaming is THE BEST soundtrack to a full on carnage-zerk right? Bring it beetches!”


This is a pack of three 28mm single piece unpainted high quality metal miniatures from Bad Squiddo Games.

Sculpted by Shane Hoyle. Shown painted by Andrew Taylor.


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