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Trudy, Crow & Quills

Trudy, Crow & Quills

Quills (Autorifle): “Don’t tiptoe about it mate, yeah they’re metal. Rags did a top job fixing me up after the war, She’s my goddamn hero.”

Crow (Assault Rifle with Sword): “Stick ‘em with the pointy end… then shoot the crap out of ‘em right?”

Trudy (Silenced SMG and Grenades): “Oh for cripes sake. Yeah, whatever, we COULD sneak in & do little waves & winks at each other, but can we PUH-LEASE just blow the crap out of it instead?”

This is a pack of three 28mm single piece unpainted high quality metal miniatures from Bad Squiddo Games.

Sculpted by Shane Hoyle. Shown painted by Andrew Taylor.


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