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Lucy & Mummy Henchmen

Lucy & Mummy Henchmen

Lucy, the reanimate has begun to recruit some backup support, who better than some fellow corpses. Two classic spooky undead mummies. Whether risen from the grave by powerful dark magic or some fool reading dusty old books aloud in Latin, these beings can be utterly terrifying. A reminder of one’s own mortality and….wow how are they so strong yet basically just dust? MAGIC.

She keeps them in check by reminding them that she is made of the best bits of many people, whereas they are merely singular.

This bundle combines MLS018 and MLS004 for a good old saving.

This is a pack of three 28mm scale unpainted metal miniatures from Bad Squiddo Games. All single piece.

Sculpted by Gary Morley & Phil Hynes, shown painted by Andrew Taylor & Paul Cubbin


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