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Giant Mushrooms: Cone Cap & Tree Fungus

Giant Mushrooms: Cone Cap & Tree Fungus

These make for brilliant display bases, objectives or as part of a mystical mushroom forest.

The size has allowed us to add lots more details, including A HEDGEHOG, little tufts of moss and other foliage, rocks, bugs, and even tinier mushrooms! This also has a spider spinning a web! That part can easily be removed though, if you’re not an 8 legged fan.

Each mushroom is single piece!

Each part is hand sculpted with care and attention to quirkiness and will make it really pop with whatever project you choose. 

They are made to work with 28mm miniatures. They can of course work with many, many scales, depending how big or small you want your shrooms to be.

Cone Cap: Approx 65mm tall, 35mm wide at base.

Tree Fungus: Approx 60mm tall, 55mm wide.

Two mushrooms, one piece each. Cast in highest quality resin, supplied unpainted. Make sure to follow the usual resin precautions when prepping (be careful of dust, and wash in soapy water before priming).

Sculpted by Ristul.

Supplied unpainted.


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