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Dungeon Cleaning Goblins (7)

Dungeon Cleaning Goblins (7)

What happens to dungeons when the adventurer is done with it? Perhaps they have failed in their quest, or perhaps it has been completed multiple times and is ready for the next brave contendor?

Those lanterns don’t keep themselves lit you know. What, did you think they were magical flames or something? Don’t be silly. When nobody is looking, the goblins crawl out of the stones to keep everything maintained.

This pack features goblins doing a variety of these jobs. Dragging sacks of potions (to scatter around and hide in drawers), drills and explosives to shift fallen rocks and make new pathways, pushing furniture and other cave gubbins about, resetting the gas traps and repairing breakages are just some of those tasks.

Next time you are dungeon exploring, leave some nice cakes out for the dungeon goblins, maybe next time you’ll find even higher grade loot.

7 goblins, 10 pieces.

Cast in highest quality resin, supplied unpainted. Make sure to follow the usual resin precautions when prepping (be careful of dust, and wash in soapy water before priming).

28mm scale.

Sculpted by Ristul.


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