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War Correspondents

War Correspondents

The pack consists of 3 miniatures, cast in high quality pewter, sculpted by Alan Marsh. 28mm scale and fit great with all popular WW2 ranges. Supplied unpainted.

The first in our range of Women of WW2: USA! These war correspondents are based on Lee Miller, Toni Frissell and Ruth Cowan, though you can use them for any of the many who took this role. This was photographing and writing about what was happening, often in highly dangerous warzones. It was (and still is) and exceedingly important in informing the public and the government what was happening.

Ruth Cowen

Her new boss’ first words of greeting were, “Get that woman out of here!”. Despite being the first accredited female war reporter (along with Inez Robb), Ruth had been a reporter for 19 years before she began covering warzones. She paved the way for over 100 who would follow her during the course of WW2, fighting her own side skirmish against sexism. Cowen worked in North Africa then onto England and France, and enjoyed boasting about her she kept her blonde hair topped up by mixing the dye in her helmet!

Lee Miller

Probably the most famous female war reporter, Miller had an established career as a model and then photographer for Vogue. She switched as soon as the Blitz began, as she was in London at the time. From London, she traveled further onward to France and Germany covering many distressing events with her evocative photography. In this model I have shown her lowering her helmet while witnessing the aftermath of the Dresden bombing.

Toni Frissell

Another photographer for Vogue and the stars, Frissell began volunteering for the American Red Cross, stating in 1941 “I became so frustrated with fashions that I wanted to prove to myself that I could do a real reporting job.”, later she became the official photographer for the Women’s Army Corps (WAC). As well as documenting the European front, her work covered the women and African-American men of the US army, who had been previously overlooked.


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