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Bofors 40mm AA Gun & Crew

Bofors 40mm AA Gun & Crew

This almighty kit consists of 8 people, 3 ammo box pieces, and a 14 piece gun. Make it the highlight of your gaming table, a truly beautiful scene.

The Bofors 40mm AA gun became exceedingly popular during WW2 with the Allies, and the Axis made full use of the ones they captured. We are focusing first on those used by the British, on the “home front”. Of course this kit can also be used to represent the British overseas.

Like much of the Air Defence in Great Britain, women were heavily involved. They routinely worked with the guns doing every job imaginable – except fire them. Despite being more than capable in range tests and services, the fear was that it wouldn’t look good to the public that women were firing guns in such a military fashion. This was echoed across the allied forces, and of course mostly ignored by the Soviets!

To reflect historical accuracy we have…. *gasp*…. two men in this pack! All the loaders and spotters are female. And because we’re good to you, and know that you totally want the option of some misbehaving ATS ladies getting trigger happy – there are extra figures to make it an entirely female crew.

Because of how they fit on, you can paint up all four gunners, even though you can only fit two on at a time. You can then switch them out depending on what game you are playing (perhaps male for Bolt Action, female for VBCW) without having to glue (magnets yo!). They don’t have to be pairs either, you can have a lady AND a gentleman! Perhaps she is showing him how it is done…

The standing miniatures are sculpted onto puddle bases and due to the incredible resin we use, you can easily remove them if you don’t wish for them – and it won’t shatter.

Among all the mayhem, there’s always time for tea. Can you see the resting ATS lady blowing on her piping hot mug of tea?

The Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS; often pronounced as an acronym) was the women’s branch of the British Army during the Second World War. It was formed on 9 September 1938, initially as a women’s voluntary service, and existed until 1 February 1949, when it was merged into the Women’s Royal Army Corps.

This 25 piece kit contains 8 people, 3 blocks of ammo cases and a 14 piece case gun in 28mm scale, cast in high quality resin – you need to see it to believe it! Compatible with all the main WW2 companies that makes the chaps. Supplied unpainted. Assembly is required – please follow all usual resin precautions such as using a dust mask and washing carefully before priming.

Sculpted by Rob Macfarlane


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