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Persian Archers

Persian Archers

The bow used by the archers of the Persian Empire is known as the composite bow. The body of this bow was constructed using horn and wood laminated together using animal resin, thus giving the bow enough strength to withstand the immense pressures placed on it when drawn. To provide the bow with explosive power, sinews from animal tendons were then laminated to the outside face of the bow creating an immensely powerful weapon.

In addition to such a deadly weapon, the Persians were said to have been trained in archery from a very young age. Regarding the education of Persian boys, the Greek historian, Herodotus, has this to say:

“Their sons are educated from the time they are five years old until they are twenty, but they study only three things: horsemanship, archery, and honesty.”

From this statement, it may be said that archery was one of the skills most highly valued.

Pack contains three Mortal Gods Miniature. Made from white metal and is supplied with a round MDF group base. May require assembly.


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