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Spartan Lochos Box Set

Spartan Lochos Box Set

“Astis, you have been stood on my shoulder for more than three breaths if you’re going to try and kill me get on with it.”

“My Captain, Meonas no I would never.”

Meonas turned and sneered at the man. “Then spit it out you whining simpleton.” His hand hovered over the pommel of his sword.

Astis stepped back, although used to the venom from his commander he still found himself scared whenever in his presence. He’d seen Meonas, the Harvester, kill men for getting too close or being too slow with a reply, or ignoring orders. In fact, Meonas would probably kill a man for breathing at the wrong moment.

However, his controlled menace and violence made him a formidable foe indeed.

This box set contains everything you need for adding Spartans to your games of Mortal Gods.  Besides city specific rules and cards you also receive the dreaded hero Meonas the Harvester, of Sparta and his lochos.

•Box Contents•
1 x Meonas the Harvester, of Sparta – Metal Spartan Lochagos
1 x Metal Spartan Hoplite
1 x Metal Helot
16 x plastic Victrix Ancient Greek miniatures, made up of the following:

1 x Spartan hoplite frame (8 miniatures)
1 x Unarmored hoplite frame (8 miniatures)
The above provides the core of any Spartan Lochos.

Rules for using a Spartan force as your Lochos
24 x Spartan Roster Cards
5 x Spartan Gift Cards
3 x Spartan Omen Cards
7 x Damage Dice (red & white)


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