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TAG WEA-SB11 60’s Spy Villain’s Office

TAG WEA-SB11 60’s Spy Villain’s Office

12 x 28mm sized scenic props


  • WEA750 Villains asymmetrical desk
  • WEA751 Villains chair
  • WEA752 Groovy 60’s plastic chair
  • WEA753 Super computer
  • WEA754 Security control panel
  • WEA755 Suitcase bomb
  • WEA756 Book with hidden pistol
  • WEA757 Lava lamp
  • WEA758 Bosses Cat (Friedrich Wilhelm)
  • WEA759 Stapler
  • WEA781 Cat litter (bag)
  • WEA782 Cat food bowl

Sculpted by Max Suetin

Supplied unpainted


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