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Ashigaru with Fire Arrows and Flaming Torch

Ashigaru with Fire Arrows and Flaming Torch

28mm metal miniatures

This set contains:
1 Ashigaru with Fire Arrows
1 Ashigaru with Flaming Torch
1 Brazier
2 Trait cards
1 Quest card

These Fire Starters can be used as individual warriors or mixed into groups to indicate that they have flaming weapons. The included cards use the rules for setting fire to buildings from the Sengoku expansion book – Fire Arrows and Flaming Torch traits plus the Fire Starter Quest which rewards you for burning down enemy buildings!

The Sengoku book has lots of exciting scenarios based around setting fires. It’s also an interesting tactic in any surprise attack game, as unaware warriors will move towards a burning building, while your sneaky troops head in the other direction!

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.


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