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GB ATGMERC06 Thureophoroi Mercenary Warriors (D)

GB ATGMERC06 Thureophoroi Mercenary Warriors (D)

Contains eight Thureophoroi mercenary warriors

It was in this period that the hoplite evolved: he lost his traditional round shield, the aspis koilè, to take up javelins and the thureos, a more effective shield inspired by the Gauls. This created an intermediate unit between the peltasts, light infantry fighting in loose formation, and the phalangites in their serried ranks. Taking the name of Thureophoroi, this kind of soldier could fight in close formation like the hoplites of old, or in a  peltast’s loose formation. They were brilliantly successful, not just among the lesser Greek cities where they formed the core of their armies, but also in certain Successor kingdoms as escorts to elephants.

Supplied with separate weapons, shields and plastic bases.

Supplied unassembeled and unpainted

28mm metal figures


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