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GB SHCA02 Saladin, Knight Of Islam (I)

GB SHCA02 Saladin, Knight Of Islam (I)

SHCA02 Saladin. the Knight of Islam (1).

Mounted Saladin. Hero of The Crusades for the Saracen faction. Coming from Sunni Syria to intervene during a civil war in Shiite Fatimid Egypt, Salah ad Din (known in the West as Saladin but meaning Righteousness of the Faith) manage to gain the Fatimid post of Vizier. He extended his power and managed to encompass the end of the Fatimid caliphate. After the death of his former master, he conquered Syria, survived several attempts on his life by the assassins of Rachid ad Din and eventually united all the Muslim neighbours of the Crusader states in the Levant. Saladin generates three SAGA dice at the start of your turn instead of the two for other Warlords. Using Saladin costs you one point.

Supplied with plastic base.

More rules for Saladin feature in SAGA The Crescent & The Cross.


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