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GB DOW03/SSN06 Turcomen

GB DOW03/SSN06 Turcomen

DOW03 Turcomen (same as SSN06) (8).

The Turcomans were some of the best horse archers that could be found during our era. They formed the bulk of many Muslim armies, but could also serve as mercenariea for the Christians and face their fellows across the battlefield. During the Reconquista, they travelled to Spain to serve there, and were known as Ghuzz. The Ghuzz Horse Archers may be included in your Warband for one point. The ghuzz consists of eight mounted models and count as Levies. As levies, they do not generate SAGA dice, but may be activated or benfit from eligable SAGA Abilities on your Battle Board. They have an Armour of 3 in Melee and 3 against Shooting as they are mounted. Unlike other Levies they only generate one Attack Die per four models in Melee.


28mm Metal Miniatures

8 Riders and 8 Horses

2 Each of 4 Variants

Supplied Unpainted


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