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GB SSB17 Hun / Steppe Tribes Warband Starter (4 points)

GB SSB17 Hun / Steppe Tribes Warband Starter (4 points)

Contains Mounted Warlord, 4 Mounted Hearthguards, 4 Mounted Hearthguards, 8 Mounted Warriors & 8 Mounted Warriors.

25 mounted figures in total.

Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Contains all weapons, ponies and bases.

Please note the rules and Battle Board for the Huns are now in SAGA Aetius & Arthur and these replace the rules for Steppe Tribes originally published in Wargames Illustrated.

The Warband packaging may reference SAGA Dark Ages (the origianal edition of SAGA) but this is only because we printed too many. Rest assured the contants are fully compatible with SAGA Aetius & Arthur!


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