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KRM KRM022 Orc Schmeisser Greatcoat Squad

KRM KRM022 Orc Schmeisser Greatcoat Squad

This set contains squad of ten highly detailed, resin Orcs in Greatcoats.

Inside the package you’ll find:

– one large Orc Officer armed with mighty Crusher,

– one HMG Gunner with choice of two various magazines (yes, he’s carrying orc version of feared MG42!),

– eight Orcs armed with “Schmeissers” (you can choose ordinary greatcoats or armoured ones)

– ten 25mm round plastic bases.

Orc Officer consist of 4 parts (body, head, Crusher arm, pistol arm).

 MG42 Gunner consist of 8 parts (new greatcoat body, head, MG arm, MG42 barrel, drum magazine, box magazine, bipod, supporting arm)

 “Schmeisser” Orcs consist of various number of parts. You get 8 greatcoat bodies with or without armour (4 designs – 2 each), 8 different heads (including new ones made specially for this set), “Schmeisser” sprues (2 designs – 2 each) and 4 sets of greatcoat arms. 

Our products are intended for experienced modellers and may require trimming, bending and fitting.
All parts are cast from highest quality resin. Supplied unpainted. May require assembly.

Supplied unpainted



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