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Squad Orders (black)

Squad Orders (black)

(2) Black Squad Order Dials

Squad Order dials designed for use with the Bolt Action* miniatures game rules. Simply rotate the dial to the desired order or condition to quickly and easily track your squads during the game.

Each dial has the following orders and conditions:

  • Advance
  • Ambush
  • Down
  • Fire
  • Rally
  • Run

These dials are supplied unassembled. We recommend using a steel ruler or butter knife to place magnets into the dial halves. Be aware of the magnet polarities to make sure they are aligned before pressing into each half.  Insert the magnets with the etching side facing upward.

* LITKO dials compatible with the Bolt Action miniatures game by Warlord Games. LITKO Aerosystems, Inc. is not affiliated with Warlord Games Ltd. And they do not endorse this product.



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