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Gaslands Template Set (12)

Gaslands Template Set (12)

(12) Translucent Bronze Gaslands Miniatures Game Template Set

Gaslands, the game of vehicular combat, uses a variety of templates for movement and combat. 

This LITKO template set is cut from transparent bronze acrylic with etched details. Our set features movement templates for moving the cars in a straight line, maneuver templates for turning the cars in several different ways, and a slide template (for when things go wrong). Small and large area effect templates cover hazards such as smoke, oil, gas, caltrops, and other damaging area effects.

This set features each of the following

  • Short movement template
  • Medium movement template
  • Long movement template 
  • Veer maneuver template
  • Swerve maneuver template
  • Slide maneuver template
  • Gentle turn template
  • Turn template
  • Hard turn template
  • Hairpin turn template
  • Small area effect template
  • Large area effect template


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