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Gaslands Game Weapon Effects Templates (6)

Gaslands Game Weapon Effects Templates (6)

(6) Gaslands Miniatures Game Weapon Effects Templates Set, Multi-Colored

The weapons effect templates provide you with uniquely designed templates to match each of the game’s different weapon effects. Each features unique coloring and etched art to enhance the look and feel of the weapons effect.

This set includes both small and large templates.

Small templates include one of each:

  • Caltrops template in translucent bronze
    • Small spikes that damage the tires of any vehicle which passes over them.
  • Minefields template in translucent bronze
    • Scattered explosive mines that explode when anyone gets near them.

Large templates include one of each:

  • Flamethrower template in fluorescent orange
    • Fires out a flame onto any target foolish enough to get within range.
  • Smoke template in translucent grey
    • Used to disrupt the other drivers and make the clouded area rough to pass through and counts as cover when you are opposite any opponent car.
  • Oil slicks template in black
    • Cause vehicles to lose control and skid out. The area covered is considered treacherous to cross.
  • Glue splatter template in clear
    • Slows any vehicle that begins or ends it’s movement on the template and counts as treacherous terrain when crossed.


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