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NS TLPDeal2 – The Darksiders

NS TLPDeal2 – The Darksiders

The Darksiders are one of the factions you’ll encounter in The Last Prospector. They are described as ‘a shadowy group…always dressed in heavy, dark robes and keep their faces at least partially covered with facemasks’.

Rather than design a new set of figures, we thought we’d let you have a go kit-bashing your own Darksiders from our versitle plastic kits.

We’ve included in this bundle deal a frame of Frostgrave Cultists and a frame of Stargrave Mercenaries so you can arm them up as Stargrave Darksiders. Rather than using the plastic Frostgrave Cultists heads, we’ve included 5 of our new Cultists heads, which give a more uniform look.

Once you’ve made your 5 Darksiders, there’s plenty of spare parts to make another 5 Sci-Fi figures, maybe one of the other factions from The Last Prospector.

All models are 28mm sized, supplied unassembled and unpainted. The figures are all plastic, plus a set of 5 metal heads. Require glue to assemble.


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