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TWC ESR-RU-F-800 Russian Mid War Force Pack: Pehotniy Korpus

TWC ESR-RU-F-800 Russian Mid War Force Pack: Pehotniy Korpus

Mid-Late War (1808-1815) Force Pack: Russian Pehotniy Korpus

Three Formations: two Pehotniy Diviziya and one Donskaya Kazachya Brigada appropriate for the Mid-Late Napoleonic period, designed and configured for use with ESR Napoleonics Series 3; may be used with other Napoleonic game systems.

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Detailed Contents

(1:160 scale, aka 10mm, Thermocast Plastic)
One Force Commander (one General ot Infanterii with two staff officers)
Three Formation Commanders (two General-Leytenant, one Ataman)
Three Reformation Areas (assorted wagons, caissons, etc…)
Eight Yegerskiy [Jägers] Bataloiny (Each battalion: one ober-ofitsery, valtornisty, strelki, grenadery, five yegerya)
Sixteen Pehotniy [Infantry] Bataloiny (Each battalion: one ober-ofitsery, barabanshchiki, grenadery, two standards, five pehotniy)
Two Kompanii 12-pdr Batareynaya [Heavy] Artilleriyskaya i Oboz (guns, crews, limbers, train teams)
Four Kompanii 6-pdr Legkaya [Light] Artilleriyskaya i Oboz (guns, crews, limbers, train teams)
Four Donskoy Kazachiy Sotnia (Each squadron group: four Don Cossacks)
Two Kompanii Pionery (Each company: two assorted pioneers)

(3mm thick laser cut MDF)
One 30mm round
Five 20mm round
Thirty-three 30mm square
Nine 30x90mm rectangular
One random historical Force Commander Card
Two Pehotniy Diviziya Stat Cards
One Donskaya Kazachya Brigada Stat Card
Six Order Objective Markers (four Objectives, two dummies)
Four Order Directive Cube Markers
Two Status Cube Markers
Appropriate flags for Mid and Late War
Quick Reference Guide

Over 400 pieces. Exact contents and miniatures may vary. Some assembly may be required. All materials provided unpainted.

All contents manufactured in the United States of America by The Wargaming Company, LLC or its partners under contract.


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