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WF BRSSET001 The Basic Brush Set

WF BRSSET001 The Basic Brush Set

Six brushes – all you need to get painting
We have specially selected this splendid range of brushes, using only those that were useful and hardwearing enough to pass our rigorous painting tests. Theres everything the discerning model painter needs, from the finest detail brushes to big tough mixing brushes. For artists brushes they are very reasonably priced, and far better quality than any other similarly priced brushes available on the high street. We have used these brushes at my painting seminars and they were very well received. The sets offer the best value, carefully chosen to give you just what you need to keep painting all day long – Kevin Dallimore.

2 x FOUNDRY PURE SABLE FINE DETAIL size 0000 (for fine detail work);
1 x FOUNDRY PURE SABLE FINE FINISH size 000 (for detail work);
1 x FOUNDRY SABLE MIX GENERAL DETAIL size 00 (for larger detail work);
1 x FOUNDRY BEST NYLON BLOCKING size 1 (for blocking in larger areas and horses)

1 x FOUNDRY UTILITY DRY BRUSHING size 2 (nylon flat mixing).


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