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4G 28F-GOC-201 North Point Tower

4G 28F-GOC-201 North Point Tower

28F-GOC-201 this is a “28Facade” 4Ground model with high external detail and pre-painted parts.

The Gothic City is one of the metropolises of North America, this city has in the last couple of decades had a drastically increasing crime rate as gangs and criminal organisations have started infiltrating the highest levels of government including the Gothic City Police Department.  In this time of uncertainty some of Gothic City’s citizens have taken upon themselves the mantle of being masked vigilantes.  The most well known of which “Mistress Legend” has gone on record stating she was inspired by comics and films, she along with “Blind Justice”, “The Cleaner”, “Sparks” and “Phantom Zero” are part of a team called “Gothic City Takeback”.

This building is one of the smaller buildings in the Northpoint area of Gothic City.  Northpoint Tower was built in the 1920s by Mayor Joseph Tunbell to be his centre of operations.  Now falling into disrepair it still is an impressive site on the Northpoint skyline.

This is one of the facade range from 4Ground.  These buildings come with highly detailed pre-painted external parts and have a large amount of verticality allowing you to use them for major line of sight blocking terrain or for games where the outside of the building matters more than the interior rooms.

This building is approximately 270mm x 200mm x 540mm.


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