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ARC DNL0035 Dwarven Mine Props

ARC DNL0035 Dwarven Mine Props

Welcome to Dwarven Mine! It’s a perfect place to collect all kinds of loot. Look, a magic red mushroom! It must be tasty! Make sure to examine closer this glowing crystal – what can go wrong? That cart full of gold seems abandoned – let’s grab it! Dynamite crate? Not sure, it’s too dark – luckily, we got some torches!

Box Contains:

  • 1x Corner Rubble
  • 1x Giant Fungi
  • 1x Mushroom
  • 1x Mine Cart
  • 1x Wheelbarrow
  • 1x Minerals
  • 1x Table
  • 2x stools
  • 1x Crubmbled wall
  • 1x Crystals
  • 1x Dead body
  • 1x Dynamite
  • 2x Mining Pins
  • 1x Pickaxe

The terrain comes unpainted and unassembled.



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