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Merchant Caravan

Merchant Caravan

Wow! This mighty beast is ONE PIECE.

What a magnificent centerpiece for a table. So many painting opportunities in there with all the different textures and textiles.
Once every now and again, the merchants come to town. Their rickety caravan rumbles into town and you know they’re going to have a whole heap of unusual goods from around the world to gaze in awe at – and perhaps even swap your coin for some of it!

The top is a flat wooden roof with a piece of rope and otherwise spare space for you to perch any characters or additional goods. This works really well with our food and cargo supplies packs.

Supplied unpainted, shown painted by Painting Knights.

Cast in high quality resin, supplied unpainted. Make sure to follow the usual resin precautions when prepping (protect yourself from dust, and wash in soapy water before priming).

Some ideas of the scale are shown in the extra photos in the gallery above (click any image next to the main one).


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