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Infested Well (10)

Infested Well (10)

Oh no, this isn’t going to end well! You only went to get some water to make a nice cup of tea and all these tentacles shot out?! What to do? perhaps… if you placed the bucket in one of them would it maybe…. lower it down for you and do a little help perhaps? Or strangle you before you got the chance? Depends how much you want that tea…

The pack contains 7 separate CHUNKY tentacles which can be arranged as you wish, the well, and two wooden struts that remain from the sheer Squiddo force knocking off the roof. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fiiiiiire oh no wait it’s a well, it’s just trashed by Squiddos.

Or Octopi, C’thulhu, other mysteries of the deep.

Diameter of base of well is 42mm

Cast in high quality resin, supplied unpainted.

Made to work with 28mm scale minis.

Sculpted by Al Maguire.

Shown Painted by Painting Knights


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