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Mrs June

Mrs June

October 17 – Repackaged as part of the Women of WW2 – Home Front section.

We realised that Ms June fit in so well with the home front ladies (and the same sculptor) that she has been repackaged and assigned a new job! No longer is she a politician, but she is in fact an Assistant Billeting Officer, and married!

Her new job (or old job, now she is back in the 1940’s) is assisting the billeting officer. Although billeting officers are usually male, there were a few exceptions, but Mrs June is not one, she assists the male officer.
One of the main tasks of the department is allocating evacuees. Although children are mostly recognised here, there were hundreds of thousands of women with young children as well as over ten thousand pregnant women, and some folk with disabilities. This kept them out of areas likely to be bombed.
Mrs June does not like children, or in fact, most people very much, but has reluctantly taken on the job in wartime. She gets a fairly cushy office and doesn’t have to work on the searchlights in the cold and rain, or dig in the fields with the land army.


Sculpted by Alan Marsh in a style different to his usual realist (we had a play!) and painted by Paul Cubbin. A rare dip for Bad Squiddo into modern/pulp style gaming, Mrs June will work brilliantly as anything from a civilian standing by, an angry villager, lady of the manor, a spy or perhaps super villain. Is that closed fist going to clobber someone? It’s always the one you suspect last.

Good moll too? Lots of possibilities, I like these sorts of figures to be able to cover lots of ground. The pose is great, she could be stomping for good or evil (totally not a ploy to get you to buy two…).

Cast in one piece metal, and 28mm scale, she comes unpainted.


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